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About JSC "Fracht"

The core activity of SIA FRACHTis the transportation of new and used cars, and logistics. Thanks to the innovative IT product ALCS / ERPII (Automotive Logistics Control System), in addition to our trucks fleet, we can offer the services of a network that consists of over 600 partners (automotive transportation companies). Thanks to this system, the network of partners operates as a single unit in the provision of transportation services.


SIA FRACHT“   offers (main services):


  • National, international (road, railway, sea) automotive transportation.
  • Cargo system for the automotive transportation market (free of charge).
  • Business management system (ALCS/ERPII) for transportation companies. Based on ICloud.
  • Integration of transportation and logistics companies and their service providers into a common single system.
  • Claims administration service.
  • Vehicle warehousing services.
  • Inter-modal transportation solutions.
  • Quality assurance, driver training.


Our goal is to minimise the costs of automotive transportation and logistics companies on a global scale, to optimise their business by automating business processes to the maximum extent, to ensure the highest quality of services of the members of the system throughout the entire of Eurasia, to neutralise communication problems in the transport sector and to integrate the business processes of various transport and logistics companies into one common system.


With the help of the ALCS IT system we have integrated our internal and external supply chain processes (to ensure the highest quality in the automotive logistics market) with companies such as:


  • ADAC truck service (RES, RACC, Starter, TBS Team 24, AA, Star Rescue Europe and others)
  • Baltik-Kanzlei, Magnusson (Legal service) and etc.
  • GPS tracking systems manufacturers-service providers such as Teltonika, Altas, BCE, Totemas and etc.
  • Baltic Car Register Centres and all other key players in Automotive Logistics


We have established close relationships with cars manufacturers such as Volkswagen Logistics, General Motors, BLG Group, Tradisa Group, etc.

FRACHT is certified according to Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2005, 27001:2005.


Liability in case of damage and loss:


  • Cargo liability is insured for 750 000.00 EUR per Claim
  • Within Germany, a company’s liability is 27 EUR per kg
  • International cross-border haulage carrier's liability is limited to 8.33 SDR


Integration and development are two of the main objectives of countries in the Europe an Union and this system is an excellent way of achieving this goal for your business as well as for ours.

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Automotive Logistics Control System
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