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GSM application

ALCS users can now plan and coordinate their transport, track their trucks, buy cargoes from an exchange, transfer information to clients, and monitor, control the company’s activity in real time. The system users can use the GSM free of charge.


What is required for a touchscreen mobile device to run ALCS?

For using ALCS on your touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, you will receive a digital application to your email address (click on the attachment and it will download automatically) or you can download the app by clicking this link ALCS GSM.


The application is currently available for Android mobile devices, with iOS and Windows Phone versions coming soon.


  • Login – your email address
  • Password – password used for connecting to the system


*Please note that data synchronisation for the GSM application uses large amounts of data, and we would therefore advise to connect to a Wi-Fi network before using it when abroad to avoid receiving large bills for the use of internet.


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