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Ferry, Bridge, Tunnels

The ALCS system enables its users to order ferries, bridges and tunnels in an automated method and receive services at a 25 per cent discount from regular prices of operators.

This requires GPS (global positioning system) tracking devices (systems) to enable the tracking of its trucks by using the services of a GPS Service Provider and to run automated ordering services for ferries, bridges and tunnels. There are no specific requirements for GPS devices.

Needless to say, anyone using the software of the above devices must have a licence and find a legitimate internet and GPS connection service provider.


How this works:
When you use ALCS for your transportation activities:

  1. When the vehicle is within 50 km of the ferry, bridge or tunnel, the system sends a query to the driver and transport manager to ascertain whether the service should be ordered.
  2. If the driver replies “yes” to this text message, the system contacts the service provider’s WEB server (sending the truck’s licence number, the driver’s name and surname, arrival time, company name, etc.).
  3. The service provider’s system creates an authentic number, which is immediately sent to the driver via a text message.
  4. This authentic number entitles the vehicle and the driver to certain services.
  5. The invoice will be sent to the Operator, who will in turn forward it via email.


* Not all services will be made available without prior coordination
** A deposit of €1,500 is required for using the services. The deposit can be used for future payments.
*** The users preferred services which are not as a part of the system can be added into the system if required.


For example:

  • When the truck is nearing the WischhafenGlückstadt ferry, the driver receives the following SMS:
  • You are nearing WischhafenGlückstadt. If you wish to order a ticket, send SMS with text "TT".
  • If the driver wishes to order a ticket, he sends an SMS containing “TT” (TT means “toll ticket”).
  • The system informs the system operator about the driver’s order:
  • SMS received from Jonas Jonaitis (ABC123): ticket request for WischhafenGlückstadt
  • Then, depending on whether or not the ferry operator’s system is integrated into our system, the ticket is ordered either automatically or by the usual way.
  • The ordered ticket number is sent to the driver in an SMS.
  • SMS codes and their explanations can be downloaded from the ALCS system (go to the Information menu).

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