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Communication centre

Small and medium-sized transport and logistics companies rarely have the possibility to sustain communication within the wide range of language diversity that is typical in the logistics industry.  Language difficulties can be eliminated and competitiveness boosted merely by using the communication centre within the IT system. The problem can be recorded and solved efficiently and easily!


To acquire the communication centre services, ALCS system users have to send their request at least 2 months before the time when the services are required.

How to use the services:
If your driver faces communication difficulties in the EU/CIS, he should send a message to ALCS with one of the following codes:

"LP" Load problem
LP If the driver discovers that there are defects regarding the vehicle, he sends an SMS containing “LP” to the System, where:
•    “LP” is a constant, meaning “Load problems”

"UP" Unload problem
If new defects are found, the driver sends an SMS containing “UP”, where:
•    “UP” is a constant, meaning “Unload Problem”

After the driver sends one of the above messages, he will be contacted by the staff that knows the required language who will help to resolve any problems that may have arisen.

The price for registering and resolving problems does not depend on the country in which they occur. The rate is €10 per hour plus communication costs.

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