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Legal service

ALCS system users can hire legal services using an automated method (and also directly on the phone) in the case of problems with police on German roads due to the vehicle’s technical condition, height, length or weight of the cargo, etc.


Contact details of legal service providers:

Lawyer Mindaugas Jacinevicius
Tel: +49 30 120 764 490
Fax: +49 30 120 764 499
Mobile: +49 173 342 0997


Areas of specialisation

  • Administrative penalties, criminal liability
  • Road accidents, insurance cases
  • Relationships between carriers, forwarders and recipients and their civil liability
  • Preparation of international agreements, their revision and consultation on related matters
  • Debt collection
  • Representation in court in civil, administrative and criminal cases in Germany


Ordering automated services

When the driver has to deal with the police, he should immediately send an SMS containing “PP” (which stands for “Police Problem”) to the number of ALCS . Using the profile completed by the driver’s company, the automated system then obtains all the required data (such as the driver’s name, surname, journey number, cargo contents, client and recipient, the truck’s registration number, type of trailer, company name) and sends it to lawyers.

The services are paid for directly, without the operator’s assistance.

Lawyers communicate in: Lithuanian, German, English and Russian.


* System users are eligible for big discounts.

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