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Risk management

Are you interested in:

  • Cutting the costs of claims administration of your company by 50 %?
  • Preventing your company from paying for non-transport damages and cutting unreasonable repair costs of claims? 
  • Receiving full compensation of damages made by your subcontractors or business partners in a timely manner?
  • Elimination of difficulties caused by language barriers in communication with technical staff wherever and whenever you transport your cargo?
  • Covering your cargo by the right insurance to lessen the number of cases when the insurer rejects or reduces the amount payable under the claim?
  •  Having the right to receive a survey and legal inspection during the transportation accidents wherever they take place?

SIA Fracht has extensive experience in administration of transportation companies’ claims and damages. We also train and advise transport companies in the correct handling of vehicles, loading and unloading them, inspecting and registering damage. Moreover, we provide the companies with advice on how to make sure that the vehicles can be transported safely according to automotive industry requirements.

The car transportation business is all about quality and safety!

We offer you Risk Management Services (RMS) to ensure that the vehicles you transport arrive at their destination in perfect condition. We ensure that the claims administration process runs smoothly, just in case the worst happens. Also if necessary, we can advise you on how to make sure that the vehicles can be properly insured during transportation and handling.

The information of Risk Management Services testifies what we can do to help you along the way.

Quality assurance

Via a wide range of remedies, we prevent vehicles from damage occurrence. Our experts support and advise you wherever you have problems with loading and unloading vehicles, inspecting and registering damage. Also we advise you on how to make sure that the vehicles can be transported safely according to automotive industry requirements.

We carry out audits at our carriers’ premises, have strict quality demands on our carriers and train their staff in the correct handling of vehicles, familiarising them with the requirements and common quality standards of the automotive industry.

We have the right knowledge and capability to meet the requirements of the world-wide transport industry that we serve. In case you need any support or assistance in most of everyday services required by our carrier please contact our Communication Centre. The Communication Centre provides a 24 hour hotline. Our communicators deal with accidents, damage registrations, vehicle inspections, elimination of language difficulties, etc. The communicators have contacts of all manufacturers and their affiliates and are able to communicate in various languages, e.g. English, German, Russian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Latvian and French.


Claims investigation and administration

The service of claims investigation and its results is what best distinguishes one logistics company from the other.

Do you want to minimize or eliminate costs and losses due to vehicle damage on the way from the factory to the customer?

Would you like to save money and avoid inconvenience with a smooth claims investigation process in case something goes wrong?

Here are some factors which affect the carrier:

  • Claims handling according to the terms and conditions of the CMR convention, international transport organizations, e.g. ECG, manufacturers’ directives and bilateral agreements.
  • Prevention from non-transportation damage claims
  • Overestimation of damaged vehicle’s repair costs
  • Non-consideration of driver’s notes
  • Filling in the required documentation of insurance companies or business partners in order to receive compensation.

If something goes wrong and your vehicles are lost or damaged, SIA Fracht shall take care of claim investigation and all the necessary recovery actions. This makes the process as short and smooth as possible for you and your customer.

The level of assistance provided by us in claims investigation will depend, among other things, on your own preference. Our Service Commitment will make a claims administration agreement with you. You may administer the claim yourself with advice and support from your insurers. However, we advise that no matter how complicated the claim is and what commercial factors exist, we should take over the claim.

Claims management services consist of complete package of services in respect of claims for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy for loss or damage, or in respect of other obligations. We also ensure vehicles are correctly insured during transport and handling.

There is an ongoing liaison between the SIA Fracht and claims issuers around Europe, which ensures that we retain necessary control of claims investigation. In order to provide strong legal assistance, SIA Fracht has its offices in Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.

The key elements in the assistance for clients in the process of claims investigation include:

  • Proactive, process-driven claims handling
  • Administration inspection
  • Legal assistance - helps to reduce legal costs
  • Targeted reduction of claims expenditure
  • Flexible claims strategy designed for your business


Business proposal and options of the Claims Handling Services

Carrying out of claims is subject to a fee.

However, there is no fee for carrying out damages/claims for loads acquired through the ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System) on behalf of SIA Fracht.

Generally, these fees/costs are calculated with reference to the time taken to deal with the issue and whether you are registered with ALCS.

  • Being registered with ALCS – transporters’ monthly fee varies from 20 to 45 Euro per truck*

This fee includes administration of the damages and claims, which arise from the transportation of your own loads through ALCS.


  • Acquiring Outsourced claims services  of SIA Fracht and not being registered with ALCS – transporters’ monthly fee varies from 40 to 60 Euro per truck*

We offer complete end-to-end Third Party Administration Claims services under a special agreement (Claims Administration agreement). Third Party Administration of Claims is a service that has been outsourced to an outside company. SIA Fracht is a third party organization to administer claims.

*- the fees vary due to client – manufacturer


Acquiring one of these claims services options you will be provided with:

  • Services of the ALCS communication centre to receive appropriate assistance in situations when proper recording of damages at the manufacturer’s organisation is problematic.
  • Training of drivers for inspection of new vehicles and recording damages according to manufacturer’s technical standards.
  • Registration of all damages (considering recordings on CMR, damage notification), sustaining database of damages.
  • Claims registration in database.
  • Claims verification regarding whether:
      1. all necessary documents are presented and they are according to the regulations e.g. CMR convention, international transport organizations e.g. ECG, manufacturers directives and bilateral agreements
      2. repair calculations and prices are correct e.g. not overestimated costs of damage repair
      3. claims are issued for the transportation damages and non-transportation damages are not included
      4. the notes of the driver have been considered
  • Timely notification about damages and claims to your subcontractor and insurance companies
  • Acquisition of all necessary documents from a client to conclude claims file.
  • Full cycle claim administration (from notification to compensation) with insurance company to advocate transporter’s rights for compensation.
  • Provision of technical inspection to assess the scale of hidden damages in cases of disputatious situations.


If the claim is appropriate, after gathering all the documentation and verification, we will advise you to remit the compensation to the client or we will claim your subcontractor for the compensation.

If the claim does not meet the regulations, it will be rejected as well as all the consequential formalities set by us.

We can visit you to discuss the best solutions for claims investigation and administration. We also offer training to your claims handlers and provide loss prevention support. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us.

Cargo insurance

We offer you global insurance solutions for automotive logistics. Our cargo insurance experts can advise you on how to make sure that the cargo is covered by the right insurances whatever its destination is.

Here are some of the issues affecting a carrier working with Insurance companies:

  • Rejection of claims or decreasing a payment
  • Not having the right for a survey and legal inspection
  • Not working with a reliable partner

As a third party insurance and claim handler we can offer a claims and insurance package to carry the insurance risk and handle the paperwork.

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