How to become a user of the ALCS (profile of the carrier)

  • The carrier must confirm that he holds all necessary registrations, licenses and permits for the performance of the transportation services and he is not in insolvency process.
  • The carrier must have at least one truck including the trailer and it must be in technical order. The Carrier may use only trucks and drivers which are registered on the ALCS to take loads provided via the ALCS.
  • The carrier must be user of GSM communications devices and have appropriate hardware and software. The carrier’s trucks must have GPS connection. 
  • The carrier is obliged to obtain a cargo liability insurance (<200 000 Euro) against all damages.
  • The carrier must sign bilateral agreement with SIA Fracht:
      • “B2B platform user agreement” containing the general terms and conditions governing the usage of the ALCS between SIA Fracht as ALCS operator and carrier as ALCS user.
      • “Agreement on carriage terms and conditions” - this agreement governs the relations between the SIA Fracht and the carrier in relation to any carriage instruction the carrier has undertaken using the ALCS.
  • The carrier must register in ALCS – the user will upon registration at the platform be provided with a username and a password.
  • The entrance fee and fees of other ALCS services must be paid within agreed time and in full amount.