Fracht - logistics solutions

The core activities of “FRACHT” SIA  are the transportation of new and used cars and logistics solutions. Thanks to the innovative IT product ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System), in addition to our truck fleet, we can offer the services of a network that consists of more than one thousand partners (automotive transportation companies). The network of partners operates as a single unit in the provision of transportation services.


National, international (road, railway, sea) automotive transportation

Free System

Load and truck exchange for automotive logistics (free of charge)


Business digitalization solutions for transportation companies implemented as cloud services


Integration of transportation companies and their service providers into a single system

Suppliers platform

Digital communication solutions for OEMs and suppliers

Compound management

Vehicle storage services, tendering


Claims administration services and customer support

Quality & Training

Quality assurance, driver training

Why Fracht?


Who? What? Where? When? How much? At what price? Since when have you been asking these questions to your managers!?

From the moment of the introduction of the very first version of the ALCS system, in 2014, I have not asked these questions to our managers and business partners. More than 80% of the operations are executed by the system, so we can perform our tasks without stress, and monitor business activities from any corner of the world.

The digitization of the business processes has changed our lives, and we offer these changes to you.

Reaction time






Manager reaction time from ordering to execution was reduced up to 20 times

We have a network of more than 1000 car carriers and 6000 trucks

Our average pick up time (in transport of more than 220.000 vehicles) is 20 hours

Fracht has increased transportation of vehicles from 6,700 units in 2010 to 70,000 in 2016

Turnover increased 7-times without increasing the number of employees

Our damage rate is less than 1%

Our goal

Our goal is to minimize the costs of automotive transportation and logistics companies on a global scale, to optimize their business by automating business processes to the maximum extent, to increase transparency to ensure the highest quality of services of the members of the system throughout the entire of Eurasia, to neutralize communication problems in the transport sector, and to integrate the business processes of various transport and logistics companies into one common system.

Integration and development are two of the main objectives of countries in the European Union and this system is an excellent way of achieving this goal for your business as well as for ours.

Digital communication solutions in many areas

Real-time flow control, automatic combination

Suppliers equipment geolocation in one platform

Exchange of loads and trucks