2013 03 18

We are glad to announce that our company and our partners - carriers altogether have reached the good result of vehicle loading and preparation for transportation

The Volkswagen Group monitors SIA Fracht loading process at its compounds and requests to meet the Technical Quality Standard (TQS). The “Tiefladercheck” - low loader check is the tool to check if the requirement fulfilled.

With hard work and dedication of our carriers the average results of  “ Tiefladercheck” have reached VW Group target area - A-Rating, the top rating of loading quality.


The Volkswagen Group has modified the evaluation system in 2013 and set the target groups:

  • A-Rating (>=90%)
  • B-Rating (>=80% and <90%)
  • C-Rating (<80%)


Here are in details SIA Fracht carriers Teifladercheck results in the evaluation period from September 2012 to February 2013:

  • Qty. Checks:                   390
  • Overall result:                   96% (A-Rating)
  • Result loading securing:    90% (A-Rating)
  • Result q-requirements:      97% (A-Rating)



Please check also the information of loads registered in the report (see the attachment). Please analyse deviations, consider these non-compliances with standards and please instruct, train the drivers and maintain trucks, trailers in good technical condition.


Although overall result is good,  there is still many drawbacks and deviations in the loading process plants Wolfsburg, Zwickau and Emden.

Maintaining the same level of quality and constantly improving it is a crucial objective therefore SIA Fracht has undertaken a firm commitment to its customers to provide excellent delivery service.

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