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ALCS powered by Fracht is a specialist vehicle transport management platform for new and used cars that makes it easy to track and manage the logistics process, from requests to delivery. It provides a full digital ecosystem for finished vehicle logistics (FVL).

Our solution has already been used to transport more than one million new vehicles for manufacturers such as Renault, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda. Discover how ALCS could fulfil your vehicle transportation needs.

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Fracht & ALCS: Creating a completely new optimization technology

Following ten years of research and development, FRACHT’’ SIA is proud to have created ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System) – an innovative digital communication platform for car manufacturers, importers-exporters, suppliers/car-carriers, dealers and other automotive logistics key players. 

The system was created based on ISO standards – the digital standard across the world for connecting supply chains in FVL. ALCS combines the benefits of ERP II and a professional social network, where OEMs and suppliers can share their data with specific partners, swiftly, easily and in the right format. 

It draws on a combination of features from classic ERP II, with its strong business rules, complex data entry forms and restricted access to data, while at the same time delivering the high-quality experience of modern web applications and social networks, where users are able to share information with their partners in a simple and usable way.

Connect the entire outbound vehicle delivery process on one standard platform and improve efficiency for everyone involved by sharing decision-making information through ALCS.

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