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ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System) is a software application implemented as cloud services. The purpose of the system is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

Purchase and sale

Tendering, temporary agreements, spot basis sales

Online management

Flows, contracts, orders, transportations management and KPI control

Business process integration

Automated data exchange between different departments and business continuity

Online communication

Real-time data exchange, there is no need to use e-mails, phone calls, excels, csv, and other files

Transperancy and telematic

Process transparency for the customers over vehicle location and status at any time

Standardized internal and external communication

Cooperate with wide network of suppliers through standardization

Financial accounting

General book, accounts payable, accounts receivable, automated invoicing

Easy business processes

Pair the flows, plan, control and manage the trucks, communicate with the drivers in a simple and efficient way

About ALCS

After a few years of hard work, “Fracht” SIA in 2014 year has successfully launched one of the most advanced technologies in the field of Finished Vehicle Logistics – ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System). We are sure that ALCS offers the best cost performance solution and makes customers thrive.

Now this system processes everything


Transportation planning

Supply chain management

Routing of data services

Financial accounting

Efficiency of KPI, quality control


Managers reaction time from ordering to execution was reduced up to 20 times

Fracht has increased transportation of vehicles from 6,700 units in 2010 to 70,000 in 2016

Turnover increased 7-times without increasing the number of employees

We have a network of more than 1000 car-carriers and 6000 trucks

Our average pick up time of transporting more than 220.000 vehicles is 20 hours

Our damage rate is less than 1%

On ALCS you will discover new transport logistics capabilities and opportunities


Share sensitive data secured against unauthorized access with your customer

Flows, contracts, orders, transportation management, control and automated documentation

Multilanguage online communications and managment, load and truck exchange

Automated optimal route planning for allocation to dealer deliveries

The system communicates with the drivers in 18 different languages

Risk management services: quality assurance, claims handling, cargo insurance solutions

Automated booking possibilities of ADAC truck service, ferries, bridges, tunnels, legal services

Automated financial accounting

Confidentiality and data protection - user data is protected and safe!

The ALCS operator complies with applicable standards (e.g. ISO 27003:2013 ) for the protection of personal data and undertakes not to disclose the data of the users (e.g. loads purchasing prices, as well as data concerning carrier’ customers) provided on the ALCS unless it is necessary in relation to carriage.

The ALCS operators and users are not allowed to disclose the information on the platform to any third party unless a special agreement requires it and and operators protects sensitive data by combining several security systems into a single structure.

Absolutely free training on ALCS

It is recommended that ALCS users receive training on how to manage the system.

Introduction to all functions of ALCS

Access to the user guide of ALCS

User handbooks and post-training study

Contact the quality coordinator

How to become a user of the ALCS (profile of the carrier)

The carrier must confirm that he holds all necessary registrations, licenses and permits for the performance of the transportation services and he is not in an insolvency process

The carrier must sign a bilateral agreement with "Fracht" SIA: “B2B platform user agreement” containing the general terms and conditions governing the usage of the ALCS between "Fracht" SIA as ALCS operator and the carrier as an ALCS user

“Agreement on carriage terms and conditions” - this agreement governs the relations between the SIA "Fracht" and the carrier in relation to any carriage instruction the carrier has undertaken using the ALCS

The carrier may use only trucks and drivers which are registered on the ALCS to take loads provided via the ALCS

The carrier must have at least one truck including the trailer and it must be in technical order

The carrier must be a user of GSM communications devices and have appropriate hardware and software. The carrier’s trucks must have a GPS connection

The carrier is obliged to obtain cargo liability insurance (<200 000 Euro) against all damages

The carrier must register in ALCS – the user will be provided with a username and a password upon registration at the platform

The entrance fee and fees of other ALCS services must be paid within the agreed time and in the full amount

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Technical requirements for user devices utilising the ALCS

What devices should a user have?

The user of the ALCS must use appropriate hardware and software to enable smooth functioning of the ALCS. A newly registered user of ALCS should have a GSM, internet, a GPS communications and PC, touchscreen mobile devices. The devices should have components and characteristics which are described below for having all benefits using the system.

How to connect with ALCS?

The ALCS is running on the internet as simply as usual webpage. You can run ALCS just by opening webpage To run the system smoothly you should have an internet connection with an average speed approximately 5/5 Mbit/s.

What is required for PCs to run ALCS?

For operating ALCS with the personal computer (PC) you should have a PC with basic requirements in terms of type, memory and hard drive. You can run the system in all popular modern operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows. For example if you are using the most popular OS such as Microsoft Windows and its program Internet Explorer it should not be less than version 7, better 8 and above.

What is required for a touchscreen mobile device to run ALCS?

For using ALCS on your touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, you will receive a digital application in your email (click on the attachment and it will download automatically). You can run it in Android is a Linux-based operating system. It will be available also in the future for Windows Phone operating system users to run ALCS application

Why you need GPS connection?

The user is obliged to equip all its trucks with valid, legitimate and functioning GPS (global positioning system) tracking units (systems), and to enable the tracking of its trucks by using the services of a GPS Service Provider and to run automatized ordering services for ferries, bridges, tunnels and ADAC Truck Services, as well as to provide legal protection in relation to traffic infringements. There are not specific requirements for GPS devices. Neadless to say, anyone using software of the above described devices must have a licence and a internet and GPS connection – legitimate service provider

Terms of payment

We offer you a partnership opportunity

After confirmed interest from your side, the collaboration proposal will be created based on our experts preliminary analyses of your company, taking into account: required services, turnover, users, modes of transports and services ( road, rail, ship, barge, storage ), needed additional integrations.

If our confidential negotiation succeeds about a possible co-operation, you will be offered preliminary terms and conditions.

You will be free to validate them, receive additional information and determine the specific interests of cooperation with our company.

For additional questions, please submit Request, or contact our Managing Partners – Mr. Balins or Mr. Slenderis ( or ).



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