Automotive Logistics Detroit 2019 – Building for the Future



Celebrating its first year of sponsoring the Automotive Logistics Detroit conference, the team at Fracht are looking forward to attending some interesting sessions and having some great conversations about how this market can build a better future.

From our perspective, an obvious tool for any business is technology. The speed that it is evolving and the way that it can assist in creating efficiencies in any business is phenomenal; but where to begin? This is the main challenge Fracht is seeing across a number of businesses in the finished vehicle logistics market. With the challenge of legacy systems and a number of in-house systems being used by any one company, it is often a minefield as to where to start.

Renatas, CEO at Fracht explains, “As well as making sure any business invests in the right technology, it is also important to make sure all technology and software is integrated and systems talk to each other so that employees aren’t having to enter data into multiple systems, making decisions using out of date data (which can be the case after 1 minute!) and business processes are completed with ease. This was the whole reason we developed our e-forwarding platform – to make business easier.”

Practical tools – do more with the people you have

For Fracht, practical solutions have to be a combination of:

  • The right tools for the job – start with what the business needs and then identify the technology that can assist with this.
  • The right price – investment in IT has to have an ROI.
  • Implementing at the right time and in the right order – don’t choose tech on an ad-hoc basis, get a plan in place to implement all the tech you need to support your business and implement it at a pace that helps your business. Make sure it all integrates and helps your employees to work more efficiently.

Ultimately, at a time when we need to be working faster, be more competitive and manage our costs, technology can help keep businesses competitive and help people in the business do more in their current role.

Winning the European innovation award

Earlier this year, Fracht was recognised for its platform ALCS and won the FVL Innovation Award at the European Awards in Germany. Coming from a forwarding background, the team developed this platform to create greater efficiencies in its own business and to address some of the challenges they were having.

They are already sharing the benefits with a number of European businesses and now want to bring its global platform to the USA market. By joining this independent Alliance, members can enjoy:

  • Access to a collaboration platform that remains independent for all members.
  • Cutting administration and costly empty miles.
  • No preparation required by the member – the platform works to YOUR business processes for each site, contract, region.
  • Minimal implementation resource and time – no need to migrate your current IT system; simply connect to ALCS and start getting the benefits of membership immediately!

Renatas and Albertas hope to catch up with you at the conference, but if you check out one new service to help your business, you should ask them to demonstrate the platform to you and explain how membership to the Alliance can benefit your organisation. Fracht can be found on stand 23.