Automotive Logistics Awards Europe 2019 – We Won!


Fracht is proud to announce that it won the FVL Innovation Award!

What a fantastic night last night! As well as having a fabulous evening organised by Ultima Media, our CEO and driving force, Renatas Slenderis, accepted the award for Finished Vehicle Logistics Innovation at the Automotive Logistics Awards Europe 2019 ceremony in Munich, Germany.



An awards ceremony that celebrates the excellence and innovation across the supply chain, it was a great honour to win this award which crowns a 10 year journey for Fracht. A journey where Renatas has followed his dream to create a logistics collaboration and communication platform that cuts administration and wasteful empty miles for members trucks.

Renatas explains, “Our FVL Transport Logistics Alliance reaches out beyond software to provide our Members with true innovation fully focused on improving business processes, efficiently. Members gain:

  • Better visibility of loads (whoever is carrying them)
  • A reduction on empty miles (less cost, less carbon produced)
  • A reduction in administration by 95%

This award is vindication of our unique approach that is built upon a totally different philosophy.”

Building a solution through a different philosophy

  • ALCS is a collaboration platform based upon competition to keep prices competitive and collaboration to keep costs low.
  • We started at the bottom of the logistics chain and ensured that we can track every truck, no matter what telematics system is in use. We are the most connected network available, already tracking over 7,000 trucks (a third of all trucks in Europe) and growing.
    • Then we built an administration process that handles everything from initial load details through route, driver information, tolls, ETA, tracking, delivery (EPOD, CMR) and invoicing. All of this is in real time.
    • Then we built a market place for OEMs and tier one logistics providers to advertise loads and contracts.
  • Finally, we built the most powerful load matching capability available today, finding the nearest available return load for every truck, thereby cutting wasteful empty miles.

So, more competition for loads, less administration. Every member benefits! 

Automotive logistics innovation

Three money saving benefits that membership to the Fracht Alliance will bring:

  • Cutting administration and costly empty miles
  • No preparation required by the member – the platform works to YOUR business processes for each site, contract, region
  • Minimal implementation resource and time – no need to migrate your current IT system; simply connect to ours and start getting the benefits of membership next week!

We are the innovators, its official! If you check out one new service to help your business, you should ask us to come and demonstrate to you the platform and how membership to the Alliance can benefit your organisation.

If you would like to speak to our CEO, Renatas Slenderis about the Alliance and how it can better support your business and supply chain, please contact him directly.

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