Is Blockchain the next big disruption for Finished Vehicle Logistics?

  Say “blockchain” at any finished vehicle logistics conference, and the chances are that everybody listening will nod knowingly and agree that it is “new” and “good”. But what is it and how can it help in Finished Vehicle Logistics? This article is intended to help us all catch up with this technology without getting …

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Preparing for the next decade in Automotive Logistics

  Looking forward, it’s not hard to predict change in the North American finished vehicle logistics sector over the next decade. Its perhaps harder to predict which change will impact the sector the most: Trade agreement (tariff) changes with China, Mexico and Europe disrupting the current production and supply models. Will this localize more production, …

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Introducing the European Transport Logistics Alliance

  In an industry that could benefit hugely from streamlined processes, Renatas Slenderis, CEO of Fracht, believes the company’s new alliance offers both collaboration and control for all members. When managing vehicle sales and logistics in the finished vehicle logistics industry, speed of communication and response is imperative for any successful business. This rule applies …

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