Drivers application

This is app is a game changer for the professional vehicle transportation truck drivers and their managers.

ALCS Driver is a supply chain mobile application that provides VIN scanning to time savvy driver on the go. Currently application available for Android ( iOS in the future )  and may turn any phone into an advanced VIN scanner with ALCS Driver.

App enabling easy sharing of VIN and other data as pick up, delivery time, damage reports in to the system. App works in real-time with internal and external Suppliers partners. Entire field operation can be managed in real-time providing evidence of units taken by the carriers, including full pickup and drop locations, delivery tracking, specific directions, contacts. Other features help drivers keep of daily activities.

App minimize problems for managers to acquire up to date information of delivered VIN in order to administrate financial documentation. There cannot be any more time consuming effort needed for acquiring precise information of delivered vehicles from clients, manufactures due to lack of digital integration.

ALCS mobile app for installation is available through distribution platforms called app stores such as Google Play, Apple Store.

The App is certified by ISO 27001 and as well professional mobile application management helps companies protect their data.


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