Fleet management powered by E-forwarding

What is E-forwarding?

E-forwarding solutions enable automotive industry businesses to execute real-time flow optimization tasks better than outdated manual methods. Our digital solutions bring efficiency and ease of use to vehicle transportation handling, enabling OEMs and suppliers to manage the end-to-end delivery of their vehicles through our unified online transportations platform – connecting car carriers with those who wish to transport their vehicles in a seamless way.

ALCS combines the strength and resilience of ERP II with the experience that modern web applications and a professional social network provide. OEMs and suppliers can share data with partners in an effective and accessible way. The platform connects the entire outbound vehicle delivery process in a single touchpoint, improving transparency and efficiency for everyone involved. 


Keep transportation costs stable (low)

Source car carriers from across the ALCS Exchange that are offering the best prices and manage your transportations to keep costs to a minimum.

Decrease empty miles (pair flows in real time, manage trucks) 

Pair the flows, optimize transportation routes and assign them to trucks in real time to ensure fast and efficient deliveries that reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability.

Transparency over the complete supply chain

Transparency across the delivery process is increased with shared delivery data that’s secured against unauthorized access and can be viewed by all stakeholders in a unified system.

Real-time updates and supplier transport assets visibility

Access real-time updates, view the geoposition of transport assets and an accurate and up to date ETA for vehicle deliveries.

Timeliness and accuracy of data

Real-time data exchange between different OEM’s departments and suppliers. As soon as information is added or updated, it’s visible to everyone involved without the need for manual communication.


ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System) is a software application implemented as cloud services. The goal of the system is to facilitate the flow of information between various business functions within the organization and to provide a unified platform for managing relationships with external stakeholders. ALCS integrates internal and external information across the organization, covering:



Planning, purchasing, orders for work execution, resource planning, workflow management, quality control, etc.


Supply chain management

Supply chain planning, procurement, quality assurance, claims processing, etc.


Relationship management

Sales and marketing, customer service and contact information, call centre support.


Data transmission services

Self-service interfaces for customers, suppliers and/or employees.


Financial accounting

E-invoicing, e-payments, general book, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, financial consolidation.

ALCS is the leading advanced IT system for finished vehicle logistics (FVL). With ALCS, the automotive industry can streamline operations, improve accuracy and enhance visibility across a wide range of functions while simplifying the delivery process and boosting international vehicle sales.

What can you do with ALCS?

ALCS is simple, customizable and tailored to the needs of the FVL industry. 

Most businesses rely on several different platforms to manage their business operations. This can cause communication silos and increase the time it takes to complete tasks. ALCS mitigates these challenges with an all-in-one system that combines essential technologies and complex solutions to create an all-encompassing digital ecosystem.

  • Purchase functions for tendering, temporary agreements and Spot basis sales.
  • Flows, contracts, orders and transportations management, along with dynamic KPIs for tracking and measuring performance.
  • Business process integrations between planning, purchase, dispatch, quality and finance departments.
  • Real-time flow management allows you to automate vehicle delivery and tracking.
  • Track and trace throughout the supply chain as the system collects GPS data from various suppliers. 
  • The system is able to automatically adopt internal standards of different manufacturers.
  • Protects sensitive data by combining several security systems into a single structure.
  • Cooperate with thousands of suppliers and feel like you are working with one due to operation business processes integration and automation.