Distribution Management

Virtual supply chain management

ALCS is a 4-tier solution for vehicle distribution management, supporting businesses with real-time business processes tracking and bringing together OEMs, importers-exporters, suppliers/car-carriers and dealers via our Digital Ecosystem and providing consumers real-time tracking .

Your customer’s orders are automatically combined to ensure optimal transportation routes, paired transportation flows and loads assigned to managed trucks based on real-time data. ALCS enables you to dispatch trucks, exchange information with customers, compounds, dealers, suppliers, drivers and consumers in a fully automated way. It enables tracking ETA of deliveries, quality, issue of e-invoices and the use of e-payments without need for audit, plus much more. ALCS ensures all of your transportation needs are met under a single platform.

Sustainability and flexibility

ALCS provides efficient management of finished vehicle logistics through the optimisation of vehicle delivery planning to reduce empty mileage, enhance customer satisfaction and boost sustainability.

The system is also fully customisable, which means it can be tailored to your needs and integrated into any existing software in your digital environment. We know that flexibility is also paramount, with ALCS capable of handling multiple business strategies at the same time.

  • OEMs
  • Suppliers
  • Car carriers
  • Consumers

Connecting systems and processes

There are many IT solutions in the market, but we are creating a Digital Ecosystem that is something new. This is a transportation and logistics evolution, made simple for our members.

The ALCS Digital Ecosystem connects systems (people and technology) and processes (strategy and channels).

ALCS offers a high level of integration, automation, functionality and simplicity. As well as providing transparency for all the stakeholders in the supply chain, the system is a tool for business operations management for everyone.

At its core is the innovative Automotive Logistics Control System (ALCS) digital ecosystem, which connects systems (people and technology) and processes (strategy and channels) to automate and simplify vehicle logistics.

ALCS uses routine workflows that enable you to plan, manage, and monitor your car delivery services with maximum efficiency and transparency.

Access our holistic after supply chain business management platform that enables you to effectively manage and control your vehicle logistics from a single touchpoint.


01 Simplify vehicle transportation and logistics

By combining all your workflows in a single point of contact, ALCS simplifies the complexities involved in vehicle transportation and logistics management. ALCS is designed with simplicity in mind. Automated workflows, real-time updates and complete visibility across your deliveries – we make your job easier.

02 Optimize cost and process efficiency

ALCS provides you with increased control over after sales supply chain management, allowing you to optimize your cost and process efficiency to ensure smoother operations and transactions. ALCS helps you to increase truck utilization and complete visibility means you can decrease empty miles and CO2 emissions during transportations.

03 Enhanced security

Cyber crime poses a significant threat to businesses in the modern world, particularly those operating across international borders. ALCS prioritizes high standards of data privacy and security to protect your sensitive data against breaches and losses.

04 Vehicle transportation

National, international (road, railway, sea) automotive transportation

05 Load and truck exchange for automotive…

Load and truck exchange for automotive logistics (free of charge)

06 ALCS business digitalization solutions

Business digitalization solutions implemented as cloud services for manufacturers, car-carriers, forwarders, retailer groups, importers and exporters, auctions, leasing companies, and car-dealers.

07 Integration

Integration of transportation companies and their service providers into a single system

08 Digital Eco System for automotive industry

Digital communication solutions for OEMs and suppliers

Why Fracht?

Who? What? Where? When? At what price? How long have you been asking these questions to your managers?

From the first inception of ALCS in 2014, these questions have become redundant for our managers and business partners. More than 80% of operations are automated and executed by the system, so you can carry out logistics tasks without stress and monitor business activities from any corner of the world.

Business process digitalization has changed our lives by automating time-consuming tasks, increasing transparency and improving cost and process efficiency. Fracht offers you a fully digital ecosystem to optimize after supply chain management and help you provide a service that satisfies your customers.

Our goal

Our goal is to minimize the costs for automotive transportation and logistics companies around the world. We aim to help businesses optimize their processes by increasing transparency across all logistics operations to ensure the highest quality of service for our members.

With Fracht’s digital ecosystem, communication problems in the transport sector are neutralized and business processes for various transport and logistics companies simplified in a single connected system. ALCS allows for the integration and development of companies operating in the European Union, an objective shared throughout the zone.

Digital communication solutions in many areas
Real-time flow control, automatic combination
Suppliers equipment geolocation in one platform
Exchange of loads
and trucks