Suppliers platform

The Suppliers platform is a kind of mix between ERP II with its strong business rules, complex data entry forms and restricted access to data, and on the other hand, the experience of modern web applications and a professional social network, where OEMs and Suppliers can share their data with specific partners in a simple and usable way. It connects the entire outbound vehicle delivery process on one standard platform and improves efficiency for everyone involved by sharing decision-making information.

Transparency over the complete supply chain

Data is available for everybody involved in the process and secured against unauthorized access

Standardized messages

Share in the standardized content and format transport forecast, ordering, pick-up and delivery messages

Transport equipment geolocation

The transmission of an ETA date with data of the geoposition of the transport equipment

Timeliness & Accuracy of Data Flow

Real time data exchange between different OEM departments and suppliers


ALCS (Automotive Logistics Control System) is a software application implemented as cloud services. The goal of the system is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions within the organization and to manage relationships with external stakeholders.

The system integrates internal and external information management throughout the organization, covering:


Planning, orders for work execution, resource planning, workflow management, quality control, and so on.

Supply chain management

Supply chain planning, procurement,quality assurance, claims processing, etc.

Relationship Management

Sales and marketing, customer service and contact information, call center support.

Data transmission services

Various self-service interfaces for customers, suppliers and/or employees.

Financial Accounting

General book, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, financial consolidation.

ALCS is the latest and one of the most advanced IT system for Finished Vehicle Logistics currently available in the market which allows companies to reduce time-consuming project tasks, such as documentation, data entry, testing and training.

What you will get with the help of the system

OEMs can send a transport forecast message prior to the actual transport order to suppliers and receive data feedback. Suppliers may know how many vehicles to pick up while these vehicles are still in the production process and they can decrease the reaction time.

Receive information instantly about every operation that is performed on transported vehicle, such as pick up, delivery, quality checks, improve quality of transportation process, invoicing including pro-active actions aimed to prevent damages, etc..

Information sharing across all parties in unified format, using Blockchain technologies to ensure safety and transparency.

In order to have a better transparency of the supply chain, and therefore optimize coordination, receive the ETA and the geolocation of transport equipment of your suppliers at any time in one platform.

Purchase functions for tendering, temporary agreements, spot basis sales.

Flows, contracts, orders and transportations management, dynamic KPI.

Business process integrations between planning, purchase, dispatch, quality, finance departments.

Real time flow management allows you to pair the flows, loads and manage the trucks automatically.

Track and trace in the supply chain (the system is able to collect GPS data from various suppliers ).

The system has the ability to adopt the internal standards of the different manufacturers.

Protects sensitive data by combining several security systems into a single structure.

Possibility to cooperate with many suppliers as with one large company.